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Ordering Firearms Online

  • Online firearm orders need to be shipped to an active FFL ( Federal Firearms Licence ) dealer. These may be your local firearm store, range, etc. There are many online "FFL Lookup" tools to help find a dealer nearest to you. 
  • Find a local FFL (Federal Firearms License) dealer that will accept an FFL transfer. An FFL transfer is the process of transfering firearms between one licensed dealer to another. Be sure to check with your selcted dealer to make sure they accepts transfers, not all of them do. 
  • Most FFL dealers will charge a fee for the service. This may run around $25-$50 on average. Additionally there may be a minimal fee for the background check. L2D Combat is not responsible for any transfer, background check or dealer fees. 


How to Proceed with An Online Firearm Order:

  • Select a local FFL dealer ( see above ).
  • Proceed with a purchasing a firearm. You will receive an automatic email confirmation of your invoice. Reply to that email and provide your dealers Name, Address and Contact Number.
    Contact your selected FFL dealer and inform them that you would like to use their store / location to transfer your Pistol from L2D Combat
  • Request a copy of the FFL paperwork to sent to the following email address: info@l2dcombat.com
  • Once we receive the FFL, we will notify you when the firearm is ready to ship to your selected dealer. Tracking information will be provided via email when the firearm ships.
    • * Pro Tip * We do not suggest arriving at your dealer the second your firearm arrives at their location. The firearm still needs to be unpacked and logged into their system. For smaller dealers, a courtesy call may help avoid delays. 
  • Your dealer will provide paperwork that must be filled in and completed.  They will also perform the background check for the pistol.
  • ** IMPORTANT ** If for any reason, a customer does not meet the background check critera required to legally own or pocess a firearm, the end user (customer) is responsbile for any and all fees involved to return the firearm back to L2D Combat.