Striker For Glock | Gen 3 - 4 | Ultimate Kit

Striker For Glock | Gen 3 - 4 | Ultimate Kit



  • 17-4 Stainless Steel Striker Hardened to H900 Condition
  • Lightweight Fluted Design Reduces Weight
  • Chamfered crusible lug minimizes operational drag
  • Extended Striker Tip Helps Prevent Light Primer Strikes
  • Polished engagement surfaces
  • Drop-In Installation


  • (1) L2D Combat 17-4 Stainless Steel Striker¬†
  • (1) Reduced Weight ISMI Premium 4lb Striker Spring
  • (1) Reduced Weight ISMI Premium 4.5lb Striker Spring
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Introducing the L2D Combat Ultimate Striker Kit, an innovative firing pin upgrade designed specifically for Glock Generation 3 - 4 pistol slides. Engineered to revolutionize your shooting experience, this kit guarantees exceptional performance and unwavering dependability. With a focus on seamless compatibility and easy installation, it offers an unparalleled solution.

The kit's lightweight design incorporates meticulously crafted chamfered edges on the rear crucible, reducing operational drag and maximizing overall performance. The result is a smooth and efficient shooting experience that surpasses expectations.

Central to this kit is the enhanced striker, meticulously engineered to ensure flawless functionality with both factory and reduced power striker springs. This exceptional design empowers users to effortlessly adjust their trigger pull weight, enabling them to customize their shooting experience with precision. Each kit includes a reduced power spring. It's important to note that the reduced power spring is particularly suitable for recreational target shooting or competitive scenarios, as it significantly decreases the trigger pull weight.

Elevate your Glock 9MM Generation 3 or 4 pistol slide to new heights of performance and reliability with the L2D Combat Ultimate Striker Kit.


- Glock 9MM / 40SW  Gen 1-4

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