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O-Rings for Threaded Barrel | 3-Pack

O-Rings for Threaded Barrel | 3-Pack

  • Fits Most Threaded Pistol Barrels
  • High Temperature
  • Lo-Profile
  • Resistant to Cleaning Solvents & Oils
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Prevent your thread protector from backing out while shooting by adding our threaded barrel retainer O-Rings to your barrel setup.

This is not your standard rubber O-Ring, these thin lo-profile O-Rings are made of Viton ( fluorocarbon elastomer ) and can withstand temperatures from -15 degress to 450 degrees fahrenheit. The material is also resistant to cleaning solvents, oils and other chemicals that will break down regular rubber O-rings. The retainer O-ring is not visbile when your thread protector is tightened into place and are perfectly sized to prevent movement. 

3 O-Rings to a Pack.