Sig P320 Compact Barrel, 3.9" 9MM | L2D Precision Match Series - Stainless - (BLEM SALE!)

Sig P320 Compact Barrel, 3.9" 9MM | L2D Precision Match Series - Stainless - (BLEM SALE!)

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Blem Sale!!
Limited Supply - When they are gone, they are gone!! - ** Please ready carefully before ordering product **

"We have a very limited quantity of barrels with very minor cosmetic blems available. These barrels have very minor scratches or dings from being shipped to or from coating. These blemishes are purely cosmetic and will not impact performance at all. The barrels retain their full factory warranty and are being sold at a highly discounted simply to move inventory for new stock. You will not be disappointed, most of these barrels would be acceptable at full retail price, we are just extremely picky and refuse to give our customers anything less than perfection!"  


Enhance the performance of your Sig Sauer P320 Compact 3.9" 9MM pistol by upgrading it with an L2D Combat Precision Match series barrel. Our drop-in barrels, designed for the Sig P320, are meticulously manufactured to meet precise tolerance standards. They incorporate design improvements in crucial areas to ensure superior lockup, fitment, and overall performance.

All L2D barrels, whether threaded or non-threaded, come with our exclusive target crowns that promote projectile stability. Additionally, our signature fluted shafts aid in heat dissipation. We use high-quality certified 416R U.S. chromium stainless steel for our barrels, ensuring exceptional durability, consistency and service life.

Each barrel undergoes a rigorous proprietary quality control process, coupled with top-notch engineering and the use of premium materials, resulting in a consistently accurate and unparalleled product.

This barrel is fully compatible with your Sig Sauer P320 Compact 3.9" 9MM pistol, ensuring a seamless and reliable upgrade. Experience improved performance and match grade consistency with the L2D Combat P320 Precision Match Barrel.