P320 Barrels

Crafted with a focus on precision, dependability, and match grade consistency, our aftermarket drop-in Sig P320 Barrel upgrades are machined from top-notch materials and manufactured to meet stringent tolerance standards. Through our meticulous proprietary quality control process, coupled with exceptional engineering and the use of premium materials, we deliver a consistent, accurate, and unparalleled product.

L2D Barrels are available in Threaded or Non-Threaded configurations. The Precision Match Barrel lineup features distinctive L2D barrel shaft fluting and proprietary crowned muzzles.

For those serving in the military or as First Responders, we extend special discounts as a token of our gratitude. Don't forget to explore the support links provided below for further assistance.


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  1. Sig P320 Threaded Compact Barrel | 3.9" 9MM
    Sig P320 Threaded Compact Barrel | 3.9" 9MM
    As low as $249.00