P320 Compact / M18 RMR Slide 3.9 | Odyssey 9MM

P320 Compact / M18 RMR Slide 3.9 | Odyssey 9MM

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L2D Combat Odyssey slides for Sig P320 9MM pistols are designed from the ground up to enhance your shooting experience and overall performance. 

Each slide is precisely machined from certified 17-4PH stainless steel to tight tolerance requirements in all critical areas of operation and function. Our strict proprietary quality control process combined with superior engineering and use of high quality materials allow for a consistent, accurate, and unmatched product.

All of our slides incorporate a RMR red dot sight mount that features front indexing lugs that increase shear strength and aid in perfect sight alignment during installation. The addition of ergonomic front and rear grip serrations allow the shooter to easily manipulate the slide under all conditions. 

These slides are compatible with the Titanium Nitride Sig Sauer FCU ( Fire Control Unit ) and X-Series and standard FCU. They can be used with various Sig Sauer Grip Modules such as the X-Carry, X-Compact or Compact.