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Ultimate Slide Parts Kit For Glock | 9MM | Gen 3 - 4

Ultimate Slide Parts Kit For Glock | 9MM | Gen 3 - 4

As low as $150.00
  • Lightweight skeletonized L2D Ultimate fluted striker / firing pin assembly
  • High quality springs renown for being the best in the industry
  • 17-4 stainless steel metal components milled to precision tolerances for maximum performance, reliability and service life
  • Polished engagement surfaces for a smooth and consistent trigger pull
  • Enhanced firing pin safety geometry for a smoother trigger take up
  • Reduced power firing pin safety and 4LB striker spring
  • 17-4 stainless steel extractor
  • 6061 aluminum "L2D" logo hard coat anodized slide cover plate
  • L2D polymer parts
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Introducing the L2D Combat Ultimate Slide Parts Kit for Glock, specifically designed for firearm enthusiasts who enjoy fine-tuning their Glock pistols to achieve optimal performance. Compatible with Glock Gen 1-4 9MM pistols, these drop-in parts kits feature our lightweight Ultimate Striker.

While our standard and Enhanced slide kit variants cater to a range of needs, the primary objective of the Competition Kit is to reduce the factory trigger pull weight. By achieving a lighter trigger pull, shooters can experience enhanced accuracy, making it particularly advantageous for recreational target practice or competitive shooting. We have meticulously crafted the rear portion of the included L2D Ultimate Striker, ensuring that every edge is chamfered to provide the smoothest and most effortless operation possible.

Similar to our other kits, these components are constructed with high-end L2D Combat 17-4 stainless steel, premium quality springs, and polymer completion parts. Additionally, the package includes a 6061 aluminum hard coat anodized logo slide cover plate, adding a touch of style to your Glock pistol.