Ultimate Spring Kit for Glock | Gen 3 - 4

Ultimate Spring Kit for Glock | Gen 3 - 4

  • Made in the USA
  • Striker Springs
  • Reduced Firing Pin Safety Spring
  • Trigger Springs
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Maximize the performance of your Glock Gen 3 - 4 pistol by equipping it with the L2D Ultimate Spring Kit. This kit guarantees seamless compatibility, delivering a perfect fit for your Gen 1-4 firearm. It encompasses a comprehensive selection of essential springs that allow you to personalize your pistol according to your specific preferences. Meticulously manufactured in the USA with unparalleled dedication, these springs are crafted from the finest quality materials, ensuring unrivaled reliability and an extended service life. Elevate your shooting experience to new heights with the L2D Performance spring kit for Glock pistols.


Reduced Power Striker Springs X3

-(5LB, 4.5LB, 4LB) 

-Reduces tension during sear engagment resulting in a lighter trigger pull weight. Factory weight = 5.5lbs

Reduced Power Firing Pin Safety Spring X1

-Reduces friction between trigger bar and firing pin safety for a smoother trigger takeup, reduces trigger pull weight

Trigger springs X2

-Plus 25% and 50% included

-Increased trigger spring weight provides a more positive trigger reset

Extractor Spring X1

- Aids reliable extraction, extends service intervals


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